1422 Confederation Invitational1846 Hogwarts Reforms1862 World Cup Scandal
1932 Americas Cup1974 Yule Ball1988 Quidditch World Cup
2007 Intercollegiate Quidditch Association World Cup2009 Intercollegiate Quidditch Association World Cup2009 Quidditch Confederations Cup
2010 Intercollegiate Quidditch Association World Cup2010 Wizard Games2013 Yule Ball
2015 School Championships2017 Confederation InvitationalAcromantula War
Assault on LockfordAzkaban's massive arrest - 2015Battle of Flandreau
Battle of Hogwarts (Fourth Wizarding World War)Battle of the Chamber of SecretsBattle of the Ministry
Capture of DementorsChristmas Eve Blizzard of 2013Cortes of Mafra (KOK, ROR)
Double DotDuel between Cruela Peverell and the Lestrange familyEast-European War
European SplitFirst Great Muggle Quidditch CompetitionGoblin Invasion of Hogwarts
Great Lakes War of 1934Harry Potter World of Fanon WikiaHogwarts Sorting of 2010
Intercollegiate Quidditch Association World CupInternational Magical Law Enforcement SymposiumInternational Wizarding Competition of Magical Skills
Marissa SharamaMerrifield's FireMission to Westminster Abbey
NurmenGuard 2017 mass break-outQuidditch World Cup 1958Quidditch World Cup 2014
Quidditch World Cup 2022Raid on AzkabanRazing of Westingfield
Rhiannon CarrodusRizzo-McCadden MarriageShamanic Uprising
Skirmish at 12 Grimmauld PlaceSkirmish at the Millenium BridgeSwindon Skirmish
The 1313 MagicarpalThe Dark WarThe Destruction of Atlantis
The Goblin-Wizard WarThe Ministry of Magic: The CorruptionThe Ministry of Magic: Voldemort’s Control
Third Wizarding WarTime Turner Thievery of 1874Timeline of the Second Wizarding War
Trial of Cruela PeverellTriwizard Tournament Tasks 1986-1990Ukrainian War of Unity
War of RevelationWar of the RemnantWizard Duel Minks Cup
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